Thursday, February 08, 2007

What's Cooler Than Being Cool?

So I went to Sundance for the first weekend of the festival and saw all sorts of movies and famous people. 'Cause that's what you do at Sundance. That and wait in line. A lot. That's what we were doing when I took this picture of my friends Sean and Wendy looking appropriately cool and detached even though we were all celebrating the fact that we had graduated from the outdoor wait list line to the indoor wait list line. I think we were in hour 4 of waiting to see the Mike White film YEAR OF THE DOG, which turned out to be kinda meh.

Other movies that I saw were AN AMERICAN CRIME (super spooky, stars Catherine Keener), ROCKET SCIENCE (hilarious story of a stutterer who joins the high school debate team), GRACE IS GONE (fat John Cusack made everyone but me cry as a father trying to avoid telling his daughters that their mom had died in Iraq), GREAT WORLD OF SOUND (a Glengarry Boiler Room-type deal about the music business), and WAITRESS (where else can you see Keri Russell dance with Andy Griffith?).

A partial list of the famous people I was thisclose to:
Steve Buscemi
Julien Temple
John Cusack
Steve Jones (former Sex Pistol)
Harvey Weinstein
Heather Graham
John C. Reilly
Mia Farrow
Kevin Bacon
Molly Shannon
Keri Russell

I list these people not for name-dropping purposes, but in hopes that some naive fan googling one of them will end up here and develop a taste for Piehler.

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