Friday, October 20, 2006

New Soda Will Have "Negative Calories," Will Also Make You Fly

A joint venture of Coca Cola and Nestlé, Enviga will apparently use a combination of green tea and caffeine to create what Dr. Rhona Applebaum, chief scientist of The Coca-Cola Company, calls "a negative calorie effect." Studies at the Nestlé Research Center (a lab made of chocolate in Lausanne, Switzerland) have estimated that if you drink three (3) cans of Enviga, "healthy subjects in the lean to normal weight range can experience an average increase in calorie burning by 60–100 calories." So Enviga is some sort of high-tech anti-food, which fills me to the brim with skepticism about how it will taste (or anti-taste). But still, when Enviga (available in green tea, berry, and peach flavors) comes to LA in January 2007 (along with all those actors looking to score in pilot season), you can be sure that I will be all over it like ugly on a monkey.

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