Monday, October 16, 2006


Category: Energy Drink/Soda
Ratings (out of 5)
Taste: 3
Fizziness Factor: 4
Bottle/Can Design: 2
Availability: 5

Tasting Notes: This sharp, citrusy enersoda faces the challenge of many hybrids: Will it be the worst of both worlds, like a DVD/VHS player, or will its two elements combine to create something miraculous, like a Junior Mint? The answer is somewhere in the middle.

As a soda, Vault, like fellow caffeine missile Mountain Dew, has a slightly disconcerting viscosity (must be all that high fructose corn syrup) and leaves behind a microcoating—perfect to protect your tender mouthparts from, say, that microwave burrito you were a little too eager to devour. The flavor, as it says on the bottle, is citrus, without actually having any hint of lemon or lime (or orange for that matter, although it contains concentrated orange juice). The closest I can come is "liquid pixie stick." As an energy drink, it has pulled me out of many a 3 o'clock mini-coma, and unlike so many of that ever-growing horde, doesn't need taurine or ginseng or royal jelly to do it. Vault just locks in the good old sugar and caffeine. (Total score 14/20)

Suggested Food Pairings: Caramello Koalas, searing hot pizza


annulla said...

I haven't noticed this in the stores around here, but I'm going to look for it. I certainly couldn't find fault with anything that can provide a much-needed caffeine wake up call at 3:00 pm.

Chris said...

Yeah, you should give it a try. It's also extra-filling so you can get a snack and an energy boost all in one.