Thursday, October 19, 2006

POP OF THE DAY: Mountain Dew LiveWire

Category: Citrus soda
Ratings (out of 5)
Taste: 3
Fizziness Factor: 2
Bottle/Can Design: 3
Availability: 4

Tasting Notes: Oh, PepsiCo, you can be so cruel. LiveWire debuted in 2003 as a summer-only soda—the Mallomar of carbonated beverages, if you will. The autumnal disappearance of LiveWire inspired at least one online petition. Evenutally, the groundswell of support earned this "orange-ignited" flavor a permanent place in the Pepsi Product Pack, but it still doesn't have the rock star status of the original Dew—which, by the way, was originally created as a mixer for whisky. Who knew? LiveWire tastes like a melted orange gummy bear with a whisper of carbonation. It's also surprisingly filling, so if you're on a road trip and stop for caffeine and candy, LiveWire lets you skip the candy. It's best served really, really cold, in a clear glass that allows you to appreciate how the Yellow 5 and Red 40 mingle to create a shimmering, luminescent orange. (Total score 12/20)

Suggested Food Pairings: Sourdough pretzels, ramen noodles

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