Friday, November 03, 2006

POP OF THE DAY: Coca Cola Blak

Category: Flavored Cola
Ratings (out of 5)
Taste: 4
Fizziness Factor: 3
Bottle/Can Design: 4
Availability: 4

Tasting Notes: This one goes out to Kris Harcourt, Aussie entrepreneur extraordinaire. Neither Kris nor I drink coffee, but we agree that the concept of Blak is oddly compelling. Although Blak's name suggests some fancy new IKEA shelving unit, it is, in fact, Coke with a twist of coffee, served in a curvaceously retro 8-ounce glass bottle that is, in turn, wrapped in an off-putting plastic label that looks like a melted leopard. As far as my discriminating soda palate can tell, Blak's flavor profile contains four sequential tastes: Coke, caramel, coffee, and aspartame. This means that each sip takes you on a trip from sweet and bubbly to rich and creamy to pleasingly bitter to...lingering chemical aftertaste. Three out of four ain't bad, but why add synthetic sweetener to a drink that already lists high fructose corn syrup as ingredient number 2? Added bonus: the Blak website lets you create your own art using silhouettes of the bottle. (Total Score 15/20)

Suggested Food Pairings: Dr. Pepper steak tacos, chips and salsa


Kris Harcourt said...

The pairing of coke with various infused flavors has been given a whole new vortex to explore with the coffee inspired Blak.

Lemon, lime, vanilla and cherry were all too easy with no leap of faith required by the drinker. But with Blak, only a gutsy palate would dare twist off the cap.

This flavor pairing will most definitely pave the way for new combo innovations like peanut butter, chocolate and cheese.

Chris said...

I for one would pay to drink chocolate Coke, and America being what it is, I assume we are mere weeks from the debut of everyone's favorite time-saving cola, Nacho Cheese Coke. You are truly a visionary.