Wednesday, November 01, 2006

POP OF THE DAY: Izze Sparkling Apple

Category: Adult Contemporary Soda
Ratings (out of 5)
Taste: 4
Fizziness Factor: 4
Bottle/Can Design: 4
Availability: 2

Tasting Notes: I kinda wanted to hate Izze Sparkling Apple, partly because I had to grab it from lifestyle dictator Starbucks, and partly because it contains the concentrated juice of something called the acerola (which, as it turns out, is just a fancy cherry). But Izze was a pleasant surprise. It contains 70% juice (although it's telling that grape comes before apple on the ingredients list), so it tastes fresh and healthy. My only issue with the taste is that a certain sweetness in it reminded me of sticky grade-school field trips where somebody had barfed in the back of the bus. It also made me think of the Jensen twins, a pair of tennis-playing brothers whose "road diary" I transcribed as my first job as an editorial assistant, and who drank apple juice to help them fart competitively. But the sweetness was redeemed by the sparkliness, and I liked the simple, colorful bottle design. (Total Score 14/20)

Suggested Food Pairings: Brie, Virginia ham

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