Wednesday, November 15, 2006

SODA SCIENCE: The Harcourt Theory of Flavor

Here's the latest dispatch from Kris Harcourt, Aussie entrepreneur extraordinaire, who posits a scientific connection among three of the most popular sodas out there:
Only 3 sodas in the marketplace (that I can think of) are unique and original flavors...Coke, Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper. Everything else is a plagiarism of pre-existing flavors from nature, usually fruit-derived. Coke and Mountain Dew introduced something completely original that are derivatives of nothing that came before them. As for Dr. Pepper, given that it was created by a pharmacist means it definitely makes the list of "invented in a lab."
I have previously suggested that root beer was another sui generis taste, but my homonymic homie Harcourt argues that root beer is based on the sarsaparilla root, which comes from nature, not from a lab. What do you think? (And no, that's not a picture of Kris. It's a baby yak.)


Tor said...

Probably the best way to answer this question is to grow a sarsaparilla bush and see for yourself. Otherwise, buy it somewhere in the market and compare Dr. P to the alleged original. Personally, I believe that the taste was derived from exotic peppers grown among the cornfields of Kansas and Nebraska and then fertilized by a pharmacist named Fred, not "Dr." I would also be curious to see a photograph of Dr. Pepper and his credetials as an MD or doctor of pharmacology. Perhaps a post on the biography of a man who inspired people to proclaim that they were "Peppers, too." And what did it mean to be a "Pepper?" But I digress.

Chris said...

You can be sure that this so-called "Dr." Pepper has not escaped my scrutiny. Watch this space for further delving into the Doc's doings...

Anonymous said...

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